High Hopes



Jamal was admitted to the hospital on Thursday, November 7th for an intestinal blockage. The tumor in his abdomen is pressing against major organs causing bouts of vomiting and preventing him from being able to relieve himself. Over the last few days doctors have attempted to rectify this complication using a few different procedures but were unsuccessful. It was concluded that Jamal will need to go though a series of radiation treatments in attempt to shrink the tumor fast, then remove it.

As you can imagine things are happening at a fevered pitch here with Jamal and his family needing to be out of their home in just 4 days. With him being in the hospital, it is all hands on deck here to help pack up and move out. We will make a party of it, pizza and all. We are almost at the point where we can say their new home is ready and waiting, but not yet. Please continue to spread the word of Jamal’s story so that we can work to relieve him of worrying where he will live with his family after Friday.

For those of you who have donated, no words can express our gratitude for your graciousness and generosity. We thank you for your prayers and your thoughts, words of encouragement and visits to the hospital. These are the things that bring us comfort in a time of nervousness. We know that things rests in God’s hands and it is Him who is in control and we accept what He wills.






Please continue to stay along this journey with us, spread the word and keep up the prayers.






8 responses to “High Hopes

  1. May Allah get this family through these hard times. I wanted to give some advise as far as the brothers condition. I highly recommend getting second and third opinions from alternative sources such as a holistic health practitioners or naturopathic doctor. Diet plays a big role in whether or not disease or rumors can live in our bodies. Alkalizing the body through good eating habits and taking supplements that are whole foods in nature can help diminish the tumor without the need for medical intervention which can make the problem worse in the long run.
    Insha Allah this gives some perspective.

    • as salaam alaikum, Muslimah. I did speak to our brother, Jamal, recently about the benefits of holistic health approached and alternative treatments of naturopathic methods, in detail, and strongly encouraged him to look at these. He said he would. Good information.

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