New Beginnings


Much of this week was spent packing up Jamal’s home and finalizing the lease on the new home. Today was an exciting and hectic day with everyone participating in the move. Imagine trying to manage and contain the excitement of 20 children whose ages range from 10 months to 16 years as we packed box after box, load after load into the UHaul truck. As promised…the move was followed by a pizza dinner with all the cousins. It certainly was an adventure!



Jamal and his family are unpacking and settling into their new home just in time to ready themselves for the next big test: Jamal’s surgery. Today we learned that Jamal’s surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, November 19. We will be in constant prayer that the operation will be a success and without complications. Please keep Jamal in your prayers along with us. He will be in the hospital for 5-7 days post-op so if you can, please come by to visit with him. Once he returns home, doctors expect that he will make a full recovery from the surgery within 4 weeks.

As always, we are grateful. Stay with us, we will be right here.


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