One Tumor Down…



On Tuesday, November 19 at around 12 noon, Dr. Cardona of Emory Healthcare began the surgery that would remove the volleyball sized tumor from Jamal’s abdomen. Our family and friends around the world joined us in making constant prayers that day. We prayed that God would keep steady the hand of the doctor and that He heal Jamal completely. After a long, anxious wait, we received word from the doctor that he was successful in removing 100% of the tumor without damaging any surrounding nerves, blood vessels or organs. The tumor had started growing into the colon a bit so the doctor had to cut some of it out but not as much as he originally thought. This was all great news and we celebrated for a moment! We are continuously shown that prayer works and we are so very grateful for the thousands of prayers you offer up for Jamal and our family. 

In the midst of our celebration, the doctor did caution our jubilance by reminding us that Jamal’s cancer is widespread. That while this operation may have removed one sizable tumor, he still has cancer throughout his body to include now both hips, various places of his spine, his lung, gluteal muscle and his femur (thigh) bone. He stated that “he has already beaten the odds for someone with his type of cancer”…


Despite this reality check we hold on to immeasurable hope in the healing power of The Almighty. We know that in His infinite wisdom rests things we will never understand but we trust that it is what is best. We know that He has told us to ask Him of what we want and that He answers prayers in ways we could never imagine. It is in this hope that we continue to walk tall in this fight with Jamal for his life.


4 responses to “One Tumor Down…

  1. as salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu
    my duas are with Jamal and all of the family. may Allah give all of you everything that you need through patient perserverence so that you will be sustained in this life and the next. ameen

  2. Thanks for the information and for sharing and know that our prayers are with you Jamal, and may Allah, azza wa jal, make it easy for you and your immediate family. We, your extended family, will be championing your cause.

  3. alsalam alikum, I want the address of the hospital where Mr Jamal is now. I would like to visit him if possible. I was one of his students in Saudi Arabia and now I an the US. thanks in advance

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