A Life in Limbo


That’s the only way I can describe it. Jamal doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring. Will it be a good day surrounded by the children, good food, sunshine, and movement with no pain or will it bring another day of fatigue, vomiting, pain and another pound lost from the inability to eat or hold down food.

A life in limbo means having to pay bills that are piling up because the electric, water and gas companies can’t do anything about you being too sick to work and pay your bills. It means waiting for someone who may have promised $100 here or $50 to deliver on that promise but for reasons beyond their control can’t follow through on that promise. It’s going to work for 16 hours in a desperate attempt to earn something to feed your family even though you can barely stand and the drugs you are on affect your mental stamina. The struggle is real, it is a test in patience and faith and sometimes it becomes too heavy to bear. The question seems to linger…how long will this last?

Time waits for no one. Another school year has come and gone for the children. We saw graduations and awards galore! Jamal has a family of future geniuses of America under his roof, God willing! We are so grateful for another precious year Jamal was able to witness his children’s growth and the children have their father to help guide them. We are also extremely grateful for all those who have helped in any and all capacities. You know who you are. You have brought relief in a way you will never know. You have lightened this burden, eased stress and reminded us just how blessed we are even on the worse days. We pray that God brings you ease and peace in the same way you have brought it to Jamal, ameen! You are appreciated.

The cancer has not abated. Jamal is on a trial drug to see if it will do more for him than the chemotherapy did. We don’t have any results as of yet but if the pain that has returned to his body is any indication of it working…

We are going into the blessed month of Ramadan. A month of miracles. A month of prayer and fasting. A month when sins are forgiven and good deeds are multiplied. We implore you to keep Jamal, his wife Safia and their children in your constant prayers. We ask that you assist them as you have before and don’t forget them as they are still here in this struggle, every. single. day.

Jamal is humbly accepting donations on Go Fund Me at the link below or the PayPal link on this site. We thank you and May God bless you all.






One response to “A Life in Limbo

  1. Salaamu Alykum…My heart goes out to his wife n children. seems a lovely family.. and to the brother, May Allah ease your pain..i dnt know what else to say, but i would really love to help in anyway i can…if help is still needed…

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